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Our Curriculum section is being updated to provide further information. For current Curriculum information please click the 'Curriculum' heading that appears under the the top menu 'Curriculum'.



Implementation: Engage, Enquire & Respond




We follow the National Curriculum which is divided into the following phases at primary level:

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 3 to 5 years

Key stage 1 (KS1) 5 to 7 years

Key stage 2 (KS2) 7 to 11 years

The core subjects are:

Maths, Literacy and Science

The foundation subjects are:

Geography, History, PE, Music, RE, Art, Design & Technology, ICT, Foreign Language (French), PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education)


 The key skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening open up a world of learning in school and in the wider lives of our children. We believe children who are read to and then read them themselves develop a richer vocabulary and understanding of language which, in turn allows them to become effective writers in a range of styles. Most importantly, we want to engender a love of and enthusiasm for language and develop the natural talents and inclinations our children have.


Our English teaching is based on a range of approaches that we adapt to suit the needs of our children. Below are examples of some of the programmes we use at different ages and stages:

 Babcock Spelling

 Letters and Sounds, Jolly Phonics, Phonics Play (phonics schemes & materials)

 Oxford Reading Tree (reading scheme)

 Jelly and Bean (reading scheme)

 Project X (reading)

 Read Theory (computer-based reading programme)





We believe that all children are mathematicians and need the support to develop arithmetic fluency skills to apply to reasoning and problem solving in maths, with confidence.

To that end we are developing a Maths Mastery approach which develops the 3 key elements of maths:-

Fluency in numbers

Reasoning skills

Problem solving skills

To see our Mastery Strategy, click here



Through science we aim to engender a sense of awe and wonder about the world we are part of and our interaction with it. We do this by learning about key aspects of biology, chemistry and physics in a thematic way and through topics that children can relate to. Wherever possible we make science a ‘hands on’ experience where children learn by investigation and questioning.



Modern Foreign Languages and Cultural Learning is a key strength of our school. The Governors are committed to supporting the headteacher and other staff to maintain our current Linguarmarque status and seek opportunities for our pupils to continue to develop their language skills and develop a wider and deeper understanding of a range of cultures from around the world.


We aim to start teaching French from year 1&2 where possible, as we believe early learning through songs and games helps to build confidence and begin to develop an ear for language.

Once in KS2 our pupils learn through a carefully prepared curriculum based on themes such as Au camp d’aventure (At the adventure camp) and Je suis super-heros. There is opportunity to speak, write sing and act out scenes in French using everyday French and topic specific vocabulary as necessary.

Our parents have even joined us in a French lesson to see what we can do!


Click HERE for the French Curriculum Overview







Our Classes

Saplings - Nursery Reception Year 1

Maple - Years 1/2

Silver Birch - Years 3/4

Oak - Years 5/6 



We follow the National Curriculum which is divided into the following phases at primary level:


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Stoke by Nayland C of E Primary School

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Headteacher – Mrs Jane Le Grice

Telephone: (01206) 262418

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