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Subject Enhancers

Our subject enhancers (Design and Technology and Art) are used to bring our History and Geography topics to life whilst retaining their own skills and progression.  They are used to explore different concepts and develop children's skills across the curriculum.

Our Design and Technology curriculum aims to give the children the freedom to express their creativity through exploring, designing and making with a range of materials and techniques. In doing this, the children look at the work of a variety of designers, past and present. We will encourage them to be creative problem-solvers and to apply their skills and also become critical thinkers through evaluating their designs and products and those of others. The 'big ideas' revisited are 'Purpose' - Why are we doing this? What problem do we want to solve? 'Criteria' - What do we need to make sure we include in our design? 'Construction' - How will the design be constructed? and 'Evaluation' - What went well and what could be improved another time?

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Our Art and Design curriculum is designed to engage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with knowledge and skills to create and experiment with a range of media in their art work.  We feel that all our children should explore and discuss art work from different periods and cultures and in a range of styles.  The 'big ideas' revisited throughout the art and design curriculum are 'Chronology' - Where does this period of art fit into the wider world chronology? What were the influences behind this? 'Appreciation' - What do we like/dislike? 'Technique' - Which skills are needed to create the desired effect? How can we refine these? and 'Expression' - How could we produce our own interpretation of a masterpiece or style?

Art is a curriculum enhancer and we use it to support our topic every term.  In the past we have  linked art to our animal topic, and being human topic, focussing on a specific artist or painting in each class and following the National Curriculum objectives.  Each year we also 'Take one Picture' from the National Gallery and base learning completely around this to build a knowledge of artists, periods in history and techniques.  

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Our Classes

Saplings - Miss Moore & Miss Durrant
Chestnut - Miss Durrant & Miss Roots
Oak  - Mrs McGrath-Wells

Our Curriculum

We follow the National Curriculum which we deliver through carefully selected topics to engage and inspire our children.


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