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Core Drivers

The key skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening open up a world of learning in school and in the wider lives of our children. We believe children who are read to and then read them themselves develop a richer vocabulary and understanding of language which, in turn allows them to become effective writers in a range of styles.  Most importantly, we want to engender a love of and enthusiasm for language and develop the natural talents and inclinations our children have.

View our progression in reading comprehension skills HERE

View our progression in writing skills HERE 

View our progression in phonics HERE

View our whole school provision in reading HERE

View for our whole school provision in writing HERE

View information for parents on our phonics scheme HERE

All of our children record their reading using the Go Read App.  In this way we can keep a comprehensive record of when and who our child have read with throughout their school career.  

View the Go Read web based parent information HERE

View the Go Read App based parent information HERE

Our English teaching is based on a range of approaches that we adapt to suit the needs of our children. Below are examples of some of the programmes we use at different ages and stages:

Read theory - KS2 Comprehension

Spelling frame - Year 1-6 spelling practice

At Stoke by Nayland we aim to develop mathematicians who have the skills to cope in the real world.  Children will be fluent in rapid recall of number facts and methods to enable them to solve real life problems, and they will be flexible in transferring these skills when required.

We aim to develop a love and curiosity of number and mathematical concepts.  We believe that all children are mathematicians and all children should have the confidence to experiment and play with number to solve problems.  The children at Stoke by Nayland are exposed to a range of methods and strategies, and are encouraged to adopt strategies that work for them.

Our maths lessons are based around the mastery approach to teaching maths, which develops 3 key elements: Fluency in number, reasoning skills and problem solving.  Our lessons are purposeful, engaging and cater for different learning styles.  We recognise the importance of verbalising our learning and we encourage our children to 'think out loud'.

Here is an overview of our Maths provision:

View our Early Years Maths provision HERE

View our Years 1 & 2 Maths provision HERE

View our Years 3 & 4 Maths provision HERE

View our Years 5 & 6 Maths provision HERE

View our skills progression document HERE

To see our calculations policy  for addition and subtraction- please click Here

To see our calculations policy for multiplication and division- please click Here

Through science we aim to engender a sense of awe and wonder about the world we are part of and our interaction with it.  We do this by learning about key aspects of biology, chemistry and physics in a thematic way and through topics that children can relate to. Wherever possible we make science a ‘hands on’ experience where children learn by investigation and questioning.  The 'big ideas' we revisit in each Science topic are: 'Purpose' - What is this for? What does this do?  How does this work? 'Result' - What happened?  Why did this happen?  How did this happen? 'Evidence' - How do we know something happened?  How can we prove it? and 'Characteristics' - What is this like?  Why is it like this?  How is it similar to other things?

View our 2 Year Rolling Cycle for EYFS/KS1 HERE

View our 4 Year Rolling Cycle for KS2 HERE

View our progression of skills HERE

Our Classes

Saplings - Miss Moore & Miss Durrant
Chestnut - Miss Durrant & Miss Roots
Oak  - Mrs McGrath-Wells

Our Curriculum

We follow the National Curriculum which we deliver through carefully selected topics to engage and inspire our children.


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