Stoke by Nayland CofE Primary School

'May the God of peace, ...that great Shepherd of sheep, equip you with everything good for doing his will' Hebrews 13:20-21


Head Pupils
Our Head Pupils are interviewed to assess their confidence and commitment to the role.  
Our Head pupils sit on both the School Council and the Faith Council alongside having other roles including showing people around our amazing school. 
This year our Head pupils are:  Valentina, Jolie and Reuben.

School Council

The School Council are voted in to represent their Key Stage and or Year group. They meet approximately once a month and are guided by Mrs McGrath. Recent projects have included helping to choose the new outdoor play equipment, organising a vote to choose a new rug for the library and helping to decide what games signs we can buy to encourage more physical activity at playtimes.

This year's school council are:

Head of School Council: Alfie


Oak: Julia, 

Faith Council:

Our Faith Council lead collective worship.  They are responsible for monitoring collective worship and its impact on our school community.  They support the development of critical thinking by posing Big Ideas questions to the school community.  They are excellent role models for the other pupils within our school.  They give awards for kind and compassionate behviour.
Our Faith council are:
Head of Faith Council: Julia
Faith Council Members: Alfie, 

Road Safety Officers

We have four Road Safety Officers. They work with our younger children to identify dangers and support them to make the right choices.

This year's Road Safety Officers are:


Reading Ambassadors:

Our reading ambassadors are selected due to their enthusiasm and knowledge around books.  Their role is to encourage others to read and share their reccomendations.
Our Reading Ambassadors are: Jolie, Valentina and Julia. 

We advertise the role of Digital Leaders to assist with computing in our school. Children in year 5/6 apply for the job if they wish to and if successful they help prepare for ICT lessons, support children when they are needed and help the teachers.

This year's Digital Leaders are:


Library Monitors

We have a committed team of library monitors who keep the library looking spick and span. They ensure that the books are kept in the right place and make posters advertising suggested books to read.

This year's library monitors are:


Ink Bin Monitors

Our two Ink Bin monitors liaise with a local recycling expert and are responsible for ensuring that ink cartridges within school and from the local community are recycled safely. (There is a collection point at St Mary's Church)

Our Ink Bin Monitors are: